Early Registration is open for the 2022 Timucuan Science and History Symposium

Sponsorship opportunities are still available for the January 28 event

A 2020 Timucuan Symposium presenter shares her genealogical research findings during the poster session.

Timucuan Parks Foundation is partnering with the National Park Service once again for the Timucuan Science and History Symposium which will take place January 28, 2022, at the Ribault Club on Ft. George Island. Early registration is now open, and guests have until January 1 to register at https://www.timucuanparks.org/symposium/ to receive the discounted event price.

Timucuan Parks Foundation is also looking for sponsors for the symposium which is a full-day event that showcases the connection between the natural and cultural resources within the Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve. Sponsorships are available at a variety of levels, and all will help to establish grants through Timucuan Parks Foundation for student research within the Timucuan Preserve.

The levels range from the top $5,000 Three Rivers Sponsor level to the $100 to $500 Cedar Point Patron Sponsor which is available to individuals only. The Three Rivers sponsorship is available to only one company, organization or individual. It will establish two $1,000 grants through TPF. The Salt Marsh Sponsor at the $2,500 level will provide two $500 grants for student research in the preserve. The Maritime Hammock Sponsor is a $1,000 sponsor that will help to fund one $500 grant through TPF.

Those interested in sponsorships can visit https://www.timucuanparks.org/symposium-sponsors/ or contact Timucuan Parks Foundation at (904) 374-1107 or at symposium@timucuanparks.org.

This is the ninth year for the Timucuan Science and History Symposium. The event is an all-day session that connects scientists, historians and researchers with the next generation.