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Anna Bradley


Service+ Hg LLC, MGRM – Finance

“I believe the investments we make in preservation today will give us a great return for many tomorrows.”

Originally from Rapid City, South Dakota, Anna, along with three older brothers and a father who was in the Air Force, lived in several states during her childhood. After high school, a three year Army enlistment continued the moving to new states and eventually to a permanent assignment in Germany. Although Anna came to Jacksonville in 1982, she has extensive family connections here. Her grandmother is buried here, and Anna’s mother and youngest son were both born in Jacksonville.

Anna earned her degree in accounting and obtained a certification in government finance while working for the City of Jacksonville. In May of 2000, she began working in the Mayor’s Office as a project auditor. One of her projects was the financial recording and reporting for the Preservation Project Jacksonville. In 2004, Anna became the contract administrator for the Loblolly Mitigation Bank.

Now retired from the City with 25 years, Anna is currently the CFO of Service +. A company founded in 2009 that provides services to the Graphic Industry.