Celebrate & Explore Our Wilderness Parks
A Project Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Timucuan Parks Foundation

Beginning October 29, 2019, visitors to the Museum of Science and History (MOSH) will be invited to celebrate our parks and preserves with the “Timucuan Parks Foundation: Celebrate and Explore Our Wilderness Parks” 20th Anniversary Exhibit. The exhibit will feature local artists who support us and the parks, and will be on display for seven months.

“We are honored to have these local artists, including our board member Kathy Stark, participate in this exhibit to showcase our local preservation parks and we are asking the community to be a part of it as well,” said Mark Middlebrook, Executive Director of TPF. “I have been working with this organization since its inception in 1999 and have watched it grow to what it is today, a protector of the largest urban park system in the U.S.”

Come learn about the 7 Creeks Trail Partnership and Barrier Islands Parks, view breathtaking art inspired by parks right here in Jacksonville and discover how our natural spaces instill a sense of place and a sense of well-being.

Exhibit Features

Our exhibit will feature images highlighting the beauty of the area’s parks and preserves:

  • Four new park paintings by fine artist Kathy Stark
  • A video which will include drone footage captured by Tom Schifanella
  • Still images by photographer Will Dickey
  • A map of our parks, native animal cutouts and animal tracks
  • Special engagement activities throughout the run of the exhibit

The Celebrate & Explore Our Wilderness Parks exhibit will be available at MOSH for seven months. After that, every element of the exhibit will be reused and repurposed for continued use by Timucuan Parks Foundation.

Exhibit Sponsorships

To make this exhibit a success, we need help from you, our visitors, our donors and our community. All contributions to the 20th Anniversary Exhibit will help continue our mission to preserve, promote and enhance Jacksonville’s natural areas. Your donation will also help engage our community in celebrating the parks and preserves of Jacksonville by bringing this vision to life.

Timucuan Parks Foundation preserves, promotes and enhances Jacksonville’s natural areas through community engagement, education, and enjoyment. Help us celebrate our mission, past success and future work by supporting our 20th Anniversary Celebration Exhibit at MOSH.

Sponsorship Levels

Sponsorships are available at a variety of levels:

  • Premier
  • Video (Sponsorship Taken)
  • Sense of Place (Sponsorship Taken)
  • Sense of Well-Being
  • 7 Creeks Trail Partnership
  • Barrier Islands Parks
  • Exhibit Engagement
  • Individual Sponsorship

The sponsorships range from $25,000 to $1,000. Each comes with logo recognition on a credit panel, along with other benefits, and the deadline for inclusion on the panel is October 14th.

Individual Supporters

Supporters can also be part of the event by donating at the individual level. Those who donate between $250 and $999 will receive an invitation to the opening of the exhibit and recognition in the program, an archival print of a Kathy Stark exhibit painting, and a one-year Timucuan Parks Foundation membership.

Join the celebration and help bring this vision to life by sponsoring the “Timucuan Parks Foundation: Celebrate and Explore Our Wilderness Parks” 20th Anniversary Exhibit.

For more information about sponsoring or supporting this exhibit, contact Executive Director Mark Middlebrook by emailing mmiddlebrook@timucuanparks.org or calling (904) 509-0918.

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