ALERT: Some parks are closed or operating under restricted access and/or services due to COVID-19. Please visit our PARKS UPDATE PAGE to learn which parks are affected.

20th Anniversary Celebration Exhibition

Exhibition Heads to Fernandina Beach

Beginning July 1, 2020, visitors to the Fernandina Beach Branch library’s community room can celebrate our parks and preserves with the “Timucuan Parks Foundation: Celebrate and Explore Our Wilderness Parks” 20th Anniversary traveling exhibition. The exhibition features local artists who support us and the parks, and will be on display for six months, ending in December 2020, courtesy of the Friends of the Library–Fernandina Beach.

Come learn about the 7 Creeks Trail Partnership and Barrier Islands Parks, view breathtaking art inspired by parks right here in Northeast Florida and discover how our natural spaces instill a sense of place and a sense of well-being.

Also within the exhibition are panels that highlight our nonprofit organization’s accomplishments of the last 20 years as well as our current resiliency, health, engagement and park development initiatives.


Our exhibition features images highlighting the beauty of the area’s parks and preserves:

  • Four new park paintings by fine artist Kathy Stark
  • A video which includes drone footage captured by Tom Schifanella
  • Still images by photographer Will Dickey
  • A map of our parks, native animal cutouts and animal tracks
  • Online video of the exhibition at the Friends of the Library website
  • Special online videos highlighting the parks throughout the run of the exhibition (coming soon)

Launch at MOSH

The exhibition was launched at the Museum of Science & History (MOSH) where it was on display from October 30, 2019 through June 21, 2020. Museum admissions during that time numbered just over 54,000 visitors. You can view highlights of the exhibition at MOSH here.

Three artists at MOSH exhibition opening October 2019
Tom Schifanella, Kathy Stark, and Will Dickey

Sponsors and Supporters

Our sponsors and supporters are the reason this milestone 20th anniversary exhibition for the community was possible. We thank you so very much. We are grateful to our partner, the Museum of Science & History (MOSH), who generously provided the initial exhibition space.

This exhibition was made possible by generous underwriters:




Video: Marco Family Foundation, Inc.
Sense of Place panel: Scenic Jacksonville*
Sense of Well-Being panel: Nona J. Rawls & H. Taylor Jones Foundation
Engagement Activities: Berry & Co. Real Estate

Maggie Means
Susan S. Wiles
Zim and Terry Boulos
Catherine Brinton
Cathleen and Kurt Dunkle
Robert Hays
Ross and Jean Krueger
Emily and Larry Lisska
John and Sally Ragsdale
Richard Skinner and Patricia Houlihan
JoAnn Tredennick and Jack Meeks


Jacksonville Environmental Protection Board
University of North Florida Environmental Center
Akel, Logan & Shafer, P.A.
David and Cynthia Baker
Felicia Boyd and Dan Legett
Susan and Rick Brodeur
Dr. Richard Danford, Jr.
Susan Davis
Thomas and Julia Davis
John Delaney
Joe and Katie Eberly
Rick and Kathy Fitzgerald
Carolyn Jennings, The Write Touch
Ted M. Johnson
Bob, Maria and Garrett Mark
Katie and Dave Mitura
Kathy and Bud Para
Nicky Runnels, Champion Brands
Drs. Todd Sack and Barbara Sharp
Jim Schwarz and Trisha Meili
Shepherd Agency
Will Dickey Photography

*Scenic Jacksonville:

Laura D’Alisera
William “Bill” Bishop
Catherine Brinton
Susan Caven
Terry DeLoach
Leslie Goller
Alicia B. Grant
Murray “Lad” Hawkins, III
Barbara Ketchum
Michael Kirwan
Larry and Emily Lisska
Jim Overton
Leslie Pierpont
Nancy Powell
Good Neighbor M.A.N.I.A.

Exhibition at MOSH (10/30/19 – 6/21/20)

Exhibition room at MOSH with artwork on walls

Engagement Activities

Activities were held throughout the run of the exhibition and included:

  • The National Park Service’s Timucuan Times program about how the native Florida Timucua Indians lived
  • National Park Service demonstration of how living shorelines protect historical structures from storm water damage
  • Demonstration of the Wetlands Enviroscape model by Timucuan Parks Foundation

Above: Timucuan Parks Foundation and park partner leaders at the main exhibition at the opening reception. Left to right are Jim Rienhardt (TPF), Daryl Joseph (City of Jacksonville), Corinne Fenner (National Park Service), Mark Middlebrook (TPF), Barbara Goodman (State of Florida), John Delaney (Rogers Towers), Michelle Waterman (Florida State Parks), Chris Hughes (NPS), and Bob Hays (TPF).