TPF Poster

1930s WPA NPS-Inspired Park PostersBy Kathy Stark


The Timucuan Parks Foundation Poster evokes a sense of nostalgia and adventure, transporting viewers to the grandeur of Jacksonville's natural wonders. These limited-edition prints not only adorn walls but also support the foundation's mission to preserve and enhance the wilderness parks. By purchasing it, individuals contribute 50% of its proceeds to the preservation of these precious natural and cultural resources.

1930s WPA NPS-Inspired Park Posters


Kathy Stark

Each poster captures the essence of a specific wilderness park, showcasing its iconic landmarks and breathtaking landscapes. Stark's vibrant colors and bold lines bring to life the natural beauty of these diverse ecosystems, inspiring viewers to explore and connect with these national treasures. The posters' vintage aesthetic, reminiscent of the Works Progress Administration (WPA) posters of the 1930s, adds a touch of charm and authenticity.

More than just decorative pieces, these posters serve as a reminder of the importance of our national parks and the need to protect these fragile environments.

By supporting the Timucuan Parks Foundation, individuals play a vital role in preserving the natural and cultural legacy of these protected lands. Each purchase contributes to conservation efforts, educational programs, and visitor services, ensuring that future generations can experience the wonders of these parks.