Timucuan Parks Foundation and NPS’ Timucuan Preserve Offering Research Grants to College Students

Timucuan Parks Foundation and the National Park Service’s Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve are offering student research grants to college students. The $500 grants will be awarded to undergraduate and graduate students who are involved in a research project within or about the Timucuan Preserve. The grant program is open to all degree-seeking students in any academic field that are currently enrolled in an institute of higher education. Students have until May 19 to submit a research proposal that can be completed independently or with a team.  

Students must choose a faculty mentor to work with and submit a research proposal that will answer a question relevant to the Timucuan Preserve. The project must be completed within eight months including all research, analysis, and reporting, and be done in collaboration with National Park Service professionals and staff. The submission must include a letter from a faculty member, the student’s resume/CV and the faculty member’s resume/CV. Submissions should be emailed to Anne Lewellen, Timucuan Preserve, at [email protected]. The grant will support student stipends, travel, and/or project costs.

Students will be notified in late May if they are selected for a research grant. Timucuan Parks Foundation will distribute the funds in June. The research will be conducted in the summer and fall months and the findings must be presented at the Timucuan Science & History Symposium in January of 2024.

The student research grant program is funded through sponsorships for the Symposium. It was designed to introduce students to field research and attract them and retain their interest in ecological science, preservation, archaeology, and history of the Timucuan Preserve. The program gives students an opportunity to share research results with an audience of research professionals and creates partnerships between university faculty, students and NPS. It also provides NPS with a better understanding of the resources within the Timucuan Preserve.

More information, including a complete program overview and ideas for research topics, can be found at https://www.timucuanparks.org/symposium/ or https://www.nps.gov/timu/planyourvisit/research.htm.