Timucuan Parks Foundation’s Spring Self-Guided Volunteer Cleanup Program is now underway

Timucuan Parks Foundation is offering students and others a way to earn community service hours by participating in the nonprofit’s Spring Self-Guided Volunteer Cleanup Program. From now through the end of June, students and community members can pick up litter at Jacksonville’s wilderness parks and preserves to earn two hours of community service.

To participate, visit timucuanparks.org/parks to choose one of the many parks around Jacksonville to clean up. Parks not listed on the site are also eligible for clean-up events. TPF encourages participants to ask friends and/or family to join them. They should dress appropriately in breathable clothes that can get dirty, closed-toe shoes, and a hat. Bring insect repellent, sunscreen, water and a snack, and also trash bags, protective gloves, and a camera to document the work.

Students and other participants are required to pick up litter for one and a half or more hours and the work must be documented through photographs. Do not pick up anything sharp or pointy or any dead animals and the trash bags should be filled about half or three-quarters of the way to allow for easy lifting and tying. Participants should take before and after selfies, pictures of those working alongside them, and a final snapshot with the trash bags. Place the trash bags in or around a park trash receptacle or take them to throw away in a trash receptacle if none are available at the park.

Email the photographs to [email protected] or share the photos and park location on social media using #tpfcleanup or @timucuanparks. Students and community members are required to fill out the parks cleanup form to earn community service hours which can be found at https://www.timucuanparks.org/self-guided/. An email confirmation of the two hours of community service hours will be sent to participants.