Celebrate 50 Years of Earth Day Today, Protect Your Parks

Sunset in the Timucuan Preserve as seen from Batten Island. Photo: TPF.

Protect the Earth

Today we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the very first Earth Day when about 22 million people gathered to celebrate clean air, land and water. Now more than ever it is essential to honor the importance of Mother Earth’s natural spaces while the world shelters in place.

We encourage you to celebrate Earth Day by getting outside to lend a hand in keeping it clean. When you head to the outdoors, bring a plastic bag with you and pick up litter. Take a picture of you and family and friends in action and share it using the hashtags #timucuanparks or #JaxFromHome.

Protecting the Earth by collecting litter is a simple act that can have a major effect on our natural resources. Besides land, you are protecting our local waterways from pollution, too.

If you can’t get to one of the parks on Earth Day, try your local outdoors to enjoy time outside and away from the television and electronic devices. Take a walk around the block and explore your neighborhood to notice and appreciate the plants, trees and wildlife. Why not grab a photo and share using #timucuanparks and #jaxfromhome. (Also, grab some litter there.)

To help you feel one with nature while in your home, we have also put together some activities online to connect you to your parks. You can take virtual tours or schedule a virtual field trip, take a virtual kayak trip or check out the cool stuff in the Timucuan Preserve’s museum. You can also enjoy activities and coloring sheets, lesson plans and even some online jigsaw puzzles.

Return of the Parks

While your city parks are currently open, your state and national parks remain closed (find out which parks are which at our Park Closures page). Like many of you, we can’t wait until ALL the parks are back open so you can enjoy them. You can look forward to us once again connecting you to the parks in real life with informative recreational and educational activities as well as park-enhancing beautification projects.

Help Protect the Parks

If you can do so, we hope you will consider making a gift today to support the parks. We thank you for and appreciate a gift of any size as we continue our mission of protecting the parks under currently reduced funding and operational conditions.

Thank you for joining with us in protecting these natural resources so they will be there for everyone to enjoy tomorrow!

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