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7 Creeks Winter Hiking Spree

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7 Creeks Fest 2022

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Start the new year with intention and exploration! We invite you to participate in the new 7 Creeks Winter Hiking Spree, celebrating the 7 Creeks Recreation Area. Beginning in January 2025, hike at least seven designated trails within the 7 Creeks Recreation Area to earn some 7 Creeks swag. Complete your hikes anytime from January through March 2025, and celebrate your accomplishment at the annual 7 Creeks Fest in the spring!

Simply download the tracking log below to get started! Hikers can self-certify their completed hikes, or ask an on-site ranger to sign their form. This challenge is open to hikers of all ages and abilities.

Choose Your Own Adventure

Hiker's Choice!

The 7 Creeks Recreation Area offers visitors 30+ miles of trails on 5,600 connected acres that could occupy days of hiking and exploring diverse ecosystems, making each mile a new adventure. Hikers can repeat their favorite trail or discover something new!

Betz-Tiger Point hiking Brian and Lauren

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Land Based Recreation Multi-Use Trail System

From short hikes to an all-day excursions or riverfront trails to winding pine flatwood journeys, the 7 Creeks Recreation Area has something for everyone. Whether you are looking to exercise or just seeking serenity, there are many types of trail experiences waiting for you.

Below are a few suggested trail options or check out the trail map and choose your own adventure. Be sure to print a copy of the trail map or simply take a photo of the trail map posted in the kiosk at each trailhead before you start on your trek. And, please abide by the following trail etiquette: hikers yield to horses & bicyclists yield to hikers and horses.

Long Distance

The 7 Creeks Trail is the best long-distance trail option that connects many facilities and exposes trail users to a variety of natural communities and scenic views. Starting from its northernmost point at the Edwards Creek Day Use Area, the trail starts you on a seven-mile journey through piney flatwoods and along saltmarsh shorelines to hardwood forest and coastal hammocks at the end at the Horseshoe Creek Trailhead. Or, start at the south end and head north. Unless you want to hike an additional 7 miles to return to your car, invite a friend and park the second vehicle at the opposite end. Or, bring a bike and lock it up at the other end to make your return trip faster.

A Shorter Hike

If you are seeking a shorter hike, select a portion of the Hammock Trail at Betz-Tiger Point Preserve, visit the historic tabby ruins at Cedar Point (NPS), or check out the loop trail at Bogey Creek Preserve.

Park and Trail Etiquette

To protect wildlife and their habitat (and fellow visitors), please follow these rules of the outdoors:

  • Dogs must be on 6-foot leash.
  • Dispose of bagged dog waste in trash receptacles.
  • Admire plants and wildlife from afar, keep a safe distance.
  • Leave No Trace / Pack in & Pack Out – take your litter with you when you leave the trails.
  • Bike riders yield to hikers. All yield to horses.

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