Give the Gift of Nature

We are in the midst of the gift-giving season and what better gift to give your friends, family and loved ones than the gift of nature. The gift of nature can be given in many ways, taking your family out for a hike in one of the many parks and preserves in our area or maybe giving your loved ones some beautiful reminders of the outdoors such as Timucuan Parks Foundation’s “Special Places” book. You can visit our Special Places Photo Book page to get a glimpse and to purchase your copy. Give the gift of the beauty of nature while helping to support our mission to preserve, promote and enhance Jacksonville’s natural areas.

This coffee table book has stunning images of our local parks and preserves captured by local photographer Will Dickey. We collaborated with Will, along with authors Simon Barker-Benfield and Steve Patterson, to put together this amazing book that transmits the beauty of our local parks. The images take you through the parks showcasing the beautiful landscapes and wildlife you can see when you visit our area’s preservation parks. The images are accompanied by some unique details about the ecology, history and culture of the Timucuan Parks.

This year Timucuan Parks Foundation is celebrating its 20th Anniversary. To commemorate the milestone, we have an exhibition displayed at the Museum of Science and History. Photographer Will Dickey’s photographs are included in the exhibition along with artwork from fine artist Kathy Stark and a video featuring drone footage created by Tom Schifanella. These artists’ images are also a great idea for a holiday gift for your loved ones.

Will’s passion is nature photography and it comes through in the beautiful images he captures. You can check out his work at

Kathy is in awe of the world around her and the beauty it portrays. She chooses subject matter from which she can create a window into the natural world through her watercolor and oil painting. Her work can be found at

Tom has a passion for photography and creating images that document the world around us. To view his images, visit

We are all lucky to have the gift of nature all around us and we at TPF are lucky to be part of the efforts to keep these natural areas an important part of our city. We encourage you to give the gift of nature this holiday season and to visit the areas captured in the images in our “Special Places” book. Use it as a guide to the beauty surrounding Jacksonville.

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